Product: BOOM Seat Module S
Designer: prieler design

Materiel and Color:

alu white
alu anthracite
  • Height 16cm
  • Length 83cm
  • Width 83cm
  • Weight 3kg

BOOM Seat Module S

The BOOM seat module S is an element of the modular lounge group and was designed by prieler design in 2023.


prieler design

Born in Landshut Bavaria Germany in 1988, after completing a carpenter apprenticeship, he obtained a master craftsman’s certificate with distinction before studying interior and object design. In the following years Bastian Prieler worked as a designer for a well-known office and designed products for famos manufacturers . Bastian Prieler founded a studio for industrial design in Germany 2021 with Christian Diemer and began a series of successful collaborations with well-known manufacturers.They have been designing for solpuri since 2023.