Product: JAZZ recliner, high back
Designer: Klaus Nolting

Materiel and Color:

stainless steel / softex sand
stainless steel / softex coal
  • Height 113cm
  • Length 56cm
  • Width 72cm
  • Seat 45cm
  • Weight 11kg

JAZZ recliner, high back

The JAZZ recliner was designed by the designer Klaus Nolting in 2012. "Stainless steel with soft lines" was the briefing for the JAZZ collection. The result is a frame made of tubing with a rectangular cross-section. Stainless steel cast parts in the rounded corners create flowing transitions. JAZZ is characterised by its tapered back which lends the furniture its elegant appearance.


Klaus Nolting

The Designer Klaus Nolting lives in Hamburg and studied industrial design in Kiel. He is the owner of the on3d design company and taught design theory and conceptual design at the Fachhochschule für Gestaltung (technical design college) in Mainz. Klaus Nolting is a member of the Hamburgische Architektenkammer (hamburg chamber of architects). He has been designing for solpuri since 2009.

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