Product: BOXX Table Module S
Designer: Karsten Weigel

Frame Material:

alu white
alu anthracite

Plate Color:

PROMO concrete coal
cement off-white
pebble cream
pebble grey
brick beige
stone dark grey
stone walnut
basalt anthracite
cement anthracite
brick grey
pebble nero
Alu Belattung white
Alu Belattung anthracite
Teak Belattung
Table Measures:
  • 90 x 45 cm
  • Height 30cm
  • Weight 34kg

BOXX Table Module S

BOXX is a modular lounge system in cubic design. Its inviting sumptuous upholstery is supported by a box-like base made of aluminium with back elements that can be mounted individually to suit personal requirements. The seating modules are height adjustable and can be adapted to either a lounge or dining height. They also provide a convenient storage space for the upholstery.


Karsten Weigel

After his graduation at the Muthesiusschule in Kiel, industrial designer Karsten Weigel worked for renowned design studios before establishing his own company in Hamburg. He is also a professor for furniture design at the Hochschule für Technik (technical university) in Stuttgart. He has been designing for solpuri since 2008.

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